Should I use a shared leaflet distribution service?

Is it best for leaflets to go out on their own or shared with other items (a shared leaflet distribution service)?

We regularly get asked whether it is more cost effective to put out leaflets on a shared basis with other companies at the same time, or to have leaflets going out on their own on a solus basis. This question is quite complex to answer and we need to consider it from several different viewpoints. The solus delivery option is likely to be the most expensive as there is only one item going through the door and consequently many customers may be put off by the upfront cost of the service. However, since the item is the only one going through the door at that moment in time, it will be far more visible to the homeowner when it lands on the doorstep. Having said that of course, there is no guarantee that your item will be the only thing hitting the customer’s doorstep that day. As a rule though, it is generally accepted that solus delivery is the best way to get across an exclusive marketing message.

Shared delivery services can range from anything from 2 items going through the door up to 4, or in certain cases 6 items at one time. The fact that several items are going through the door at any one time normally means that the cost of delivery charged is much cheaper, although the fact that more than one item goes through the door does of course mean that your item is less visible to the homeowner. They will likely give each item less attention than they would if there were only one item on the doormat. The thing to consider when deciding which delivery option is right for you is ultimately this question… ‘How visible is my item compared with others it may be simultaneously delivered with?’

Since this is something of an unknown at the time of booking because many leaflet distribution companies may not have finalised their schedules in advance, this introduces an element of uncertainty into the visibility of your item on a shared service.Generally speaking the only way to weigh up the advantages and cost savings of a shared service with the potential loss of visibility and exclusivity is to run trials comparing each option side by side. This is the only effective way of gauging the relative response rates between the two options and then considering which service would be most appropriate for you bearing in mind the cost differences between them.

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