Frequently Asked Questions About Shareplan Leaflet Distribution’s GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery Services

How do I know my leaflets will actually be delivered?

With our GPS tracked leaflet delivery, you will be left in no doubt that your leaflets have been delivered.  We use an exceptionally reliable adult distribution work force that is paid above the minimum wage and monitored constantly during the course of the day by a dedicated distribution manager. Upon recruitment, our distributors are required to complete a minimum period distributing our own promotional flyers which is checked and verified in the same way that we check and verify the paperwork for our clients’ rounds. It is only upon completion of this “probationary period” that we allow distributors to start delivering our clients’ material. This ensures we only take on people who can carry out the job reliably.

What checks are in place to ensure my leaflets actually land on the doormat?

We track all our distribution using GPS tracking devices. On the long driveways you can see the route of the distributor deviating up to each letterbox!  See an example on our leaflet distribution GPS tracking page.  Our back office staff check the data that is downloaded from the trackers from each distributor and you will receive a Google Earth file showing exactly the routes our distributors took to deliver your leaflets.

What will my leaflet be delivered with?

Depending on the delivery option you choose, your leaflet will be distributed either on its own, or with 1 or 2 other flyers. Your leaflet will not be distributed alongside material from a competing company and we will never deliver more than 2 other items alongside your own.

How much does it cost?

Our rates across all our services are very competitive and you can find a summary of each of those services on our Delivery Options Page. If you have any specific requirements that are outside our standard service, please feel free to contact us to discuss it with one of our advisors. We will be happy to tailor a quote to meet your needs. We do try to accommodate all requests wherever possible. Please consider other factors that may affect price include bulky or heavier items, time sensitive items and some areas outside the main coverage area.  Please note that ALL leaflet distribution is GPS tracked which is included in the price quoted.  Get a FREE quote now.

What are your payments terms?

Payment must be made prior to the start of your leaflet distribution.  We accept cash, cheques or bank transfer only.  Credit and debit cards are not accepted.

Can I choose which area my leaflets will be delivered to?

Absolutely. You decide which areas within our Coverage Area you would like to target with your leaflets and when your leaflets go out. We hold a range of standard maps of every area we work and larger town are broken down into a number of these maps. Each map also serves as a report showing all the demographic details in terms of house count, house type and population tenure and from that information it’s possible to determine the relatively affluency of an area alongside another. If you require something more specific we can create a bespoke map if you choose either the Plus One or the Solus delivery options. You can either ask us to work to a specific postcode, a specified radius of an address or supply us with a map of your own that we will convert into a Geoplan report with its own demographic data. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you maximise the success you achieve from your GPS tracked leaflet delivery campaign, so please ask if you would like advice.  

What will the response level be?

Shareplan Leaflet Distribution cannot imply or guarantee any response to your material. Response levels are dependent on various factors including your message, the design of your leaflet, the demographic you target and the product or service you are offering.  However, we do offer a FREE marketing consultation to give you advice on flyer design and targeting to help you maximise the profits from your campaign.  Call us now to book your FREE one-to-one marketing consultation.

What can be delivered?

We are able to deliver a wide range of advertising materials, from A5 leaflets to a multi-page brochure.  Whatever your item, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Can you design and/or print my flyer?

We are pleased to say that we now offer both of these services.  Our printing rates are incredibly competitive and you could even qualify for a discount on your distribution if you use us for both printing and distribution for your campaign. We outsource all design work and encourage you to talk directly with our chosen supplier to establish your brief although to keep things as seamless as possible we handle all administrative tasks.

How long will my leaflet distribution take?

In general, we request receipt of your leaflets and payment 7 days prior to the commencement of your drop. The leaflets are then scheduled on our system ready for allocation to our team of distributors.  Your distribution timeframe will depend on the service you opt for. Solus & Plus One services are normally delivered over a 2/3* week distribution period.  The Full Shared service (with 2 other items) is delivered over a 4/6* week distribution period.

If you are in a hurry to distribute the flyers we can offer you one of our guaranteed timescale services which range from 14-day delivery down to a 1-day guarantee. These premium services are subject to a dedicated rate card.

* Although we generally don’t have long lead times it is always advisable to plan your campaigns as far in advance as possible.  Our lead times can change in very busy periods and from time to time, it may be necessary to quote you a longer distribution period than normal.

Will you collect my material from me?

We request that you deliver your material to us 7-10 days prior to commencement of your drop. We are generally unable to offer a collection service.