GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

We have developed a GPS tracking distribution system that is not only exceptionally reliable but also extremely competitive on price.  All our post people carry a GPS logger.  This is a small matchbox sized device which they carry on their person while they are delivering and it monitors their position every 2-5 seconds.  On completion of the round, we download all the data from the loggers and check to ensure they have completed their round as instructed.  We then forward you a Google earth file showing you the exact route that the distributor took to deliver your round.  In areas where the homes are more spread out or have longer driveways, you may even see the definition of them delivering to each individual letterbox. The file takes just a few seconds to download and will give you complete peace of mind that all your leaflets have been delivered.

Leaflet Distribution Marlow

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a complete Money Back Guarantee on all our distributions. Read more.


GPS tracked leaflet distribution

Covid-19 Update!!

In line with the Government directive issued on March 23rd, a decision has been taken to suspend all distribution to residential households with immediate effect.

This is not something we’ve arrived at easily but after careful consideration we feel we are unable to safeguard satisfactorily either our staff or members of the public and that has to be our primary concern during this troubling time.

This is very much a temporary suspension and we are still open for business. Once we are issued with new guidance by the authorities, deliveries will recommence.

Our emails are being monitored on a daily basis and we are still able to help you plan your marketing campaign in readiness for when things return to some semblance of normality.

Contact us on sales@shareplanleafletdistribution.co.uk and one of our staff will get back to you.

Stay Safe and we look forward to being able to help you boost your business again in the coming months.