GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

We were one of the first distribution companies to embrace the use of GPS tracking technology as a reliable means of providing our customers with a proof of delivery upon the fulfilment of their distribution order. All our post people carry a GPS logger in the form of a small matchbox sized device which they carry on their person as they are delivering their allocated work which monitors their position every 2-5 seconds leaving behind a set of data tracks.

On completion of the round, we download all the data from the loggers to ensure they have completed their work as instructed. We then forward you a Google earth file showing you the exact route that the distributor took to deliver your round. In areas where the homes are more spread out or have longer driveways, you may even see the definition of them delivering to each individual letterbox.

The file takes just a few seconds to download and will give you complete peace of mind that all your leaflets have been delivered.



Leaflet Distribution Marlow

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