About Us

Shareplan Leaflet Distribution was established in 2003 to offer leaflet distribution services to local businesses and are now part of one of the largest independent GPS tracked leaflet distribution companies covering south central England.

Based in Berkshire we deliver to most towns and large villages within a radius of approximately 60 miles of Reading. This takes in Oxford to the north, Southampton to the south, Swindon to the west, and west London postcodes to the east.

Our back office team are experienced marketing, media and distribution specialists with many years’ experience and can help you plan your targeted campaign. We will send you maps with associated demographics in advance of undertaking any distribution for you to agree.

All work is GPS tracked and we send you a Google Earth file upon completion of your order which serves as your proof of delivery. With our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE we promise to refund you for any portion of a mapping area for which we are unable to provide tracks giving you complete peace of mind.


Here are some of the many benefits we can offer you:

  • An exceptionally reliable and trustworthy adult distribution work force who are paid above the minimum wage.
  • Full street by street GPS tracking reports are sent to you on completion of the door drop that you can open in Google earth and view in seconds.
  • We give you “Solus” (your flyer on its own), “Plus One” (your flyer with one other) and “Shareplan” (your flyer 2/3 others) distribution options. With our Shareplan option your leaflet will be distributed with either two or three other non-competing flyers. We guarantee it will never be delivered with more than this so you are given maximum visibility and exposure during the door drop.
  • Our process of matching our clients’ flyers together enables us to offer exceptional value for money on every door drop we do.
  • You are in full control of the precise distribution areas that you target on every door to door campaign and when the delivery period is set.
  • Free assistance with “maximising the effectiveness and profitability” of your door to door campaign.
  • We will also help you source the cheapest possible printing prices for your leaflets to help you keep your marketing costs at a minimum for your door drop.